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The term “‘Mech” broadly applies to all mecha within the BattleTech universe. Codes generally use letters from the ‘Mech’s name, followed by an alphanumeric reference to the submodel or variant. The fate of some ‘Mech designs depended entirely on the continued workings of ancient automated factories, with the knowledge to maintain and repair these facilities having long since vanished. Two different systems are used to drive BattleMechs and control their movements. Combining awesome destructive power and unparalleled maneuverability, the BattleMech is perhaps the most complex machine ever produced. Four-legged “quad” ‘Mechs constitute a small segment of official designs, and while they lack the flexibility and speed of bipedal designs, they are considerably more stable and can mount heavier weaponry.

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In this way, the pilot controls the reflexive bodily movements of the BattleMech subconsciously, leaving his conscious brain free to control the various weapons and other systems as needed. All BattleMechs can also move under-water when crossing rivers or small lakes.

To sidestep this problem, MechWarriors have found other ways to control heat build-up. Arm 2 x Ballistic 2 x Support Weapon. It was designed to fill a ‘light Assault’ role, with a rate of speed more akin to that of a Heavy ‘Mech. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Arm 2 x Energy 1 x Missile. To mitigate this, the heat is transferred into bagtlemech heat sinkswhich help facilitate cooling but do not eliminate the problem entirely. Some designs are adapted to special roles in combat which bagtlemech improves the combat performance of their unit but makes them a poor choice in single combat situations.


As such, they often require friendly units to batflemech them from being outmaneuvered. Missile weapons, including Long Range Missiles and Short Range Missilesproduce less waste heat but require ammunition, with the benefit of using specialty warheads like Inferno or engaging in indirect fire.

LAMs are an extremely uncommon form of ‘Mech capable of transforming between BattleMech and aircraft configurations, an ability that conveys great speed and flexibility at the cost of power and protection.

There are interesting tactical decisions to be made, certainly, and BattleTech packs a lot of detail into its combat encounters. Vindicator, Hunchback, Kintaro, Cataphract, Battlfmech, Stalker, Hatchetman, Crab Many missions in BattleTechparticularly story missions, will focus on straight up showdowns between lances, and this is what you want brawlers for. Not knowing what their actual designations were, many picked up new nicknames in the battles between the Clans and Inner Sphere: They are typically fast but lightly armed and armored.

With thirteen tons of armor, it can take a beating – but pilots must still be careful not to overheat. As a fast strike ‘Mech, Wolverine 6R is a reasonable choice. Ballistic weapons Ballistic weapons, as the name suggests, are your conventional, direct-fire guns — autocannons and gauss rifles.

Three SRM-6 batttlemech and two Medium Lasers are capable of slagging most ‘Mechs with only a few volleys – but pilots should beware, as the Kintaro runs very hot. The Highlander P is a variant of the jump-capable model. Normally the slowest unit on the field, assault ‘Mechs can decimate any opponent, but they tend to need support from more maneuverable units.

Medium BattleMechs mount respectable weaponry with above-average speed and varying levels of armor.

BattleMech Technology | BattleTech: The Board Game of Armored Combat

Most ‘Mechs copy the human form to an extent, which is the the deciding factor in their versatility and, ultimately, their superior combat performance. The Locust 1V is one of the lightest – and fastest – ‘Mechs ever entered into service.


The Omega was powered by an extralight Vlar engine, but other than the unusual internal structure, myomers and actuators, featured relatively mundane armor, cockpit and weapon systems.

With few exceptions, every major model of BattleMech bears both a name and an identifying bsttlemech. Age of Warp. Featuring an Endo Steel skeleton larger and bulkier than any seen before, oversized actuators and a new myomer system that involved both larger fibre bundles than standard and the use of hybrid myomers, the Blakists were able to overcome a number of flaws battlemehc by those who had explored the Superheavy ‘Mech concept in the past.

Battlemech Design Strategies

The Clans abhor the concept, as it dilutes their strict distinction between ‘Mechs and batltemech forces. Although it is technically possible to build “ultralight” ‘Mechs of 15 or even 10 tons, most ‘Mechs in this range are IndustrialMech designs. The process takes approximately two weeks.

But building your lance the right way, and picking the missions best suited to your lance, is just as important – if not more so – than proper positioning and timing in a fight. Arm 2 x Missile 1 x Energy. Their skeleton can only carry limited armor, but the higher efficiency of smaller fusion reactors means that light ‘Mechs benefit from superior mobility. The Vindicator 1R was designed by committee to be a cheap, easy-to-manufacture jack of all trades.

Torso 1 x Ballistic 1 x Energy.