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Single is the perfect song to dedicate. The band had such undeniable energy and a great stage presence even in the stuffy venue — I was hooked. I don’t know better Cry Baby as of this album. I’m unsure if it’s a track worthy of the title. It’s sounds like another album, with a drastic rhythm change.

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A stylistic and conceptual vacuum. The Bootleg Series, Vol. Room 25 – Noname.

The Neighbourhood – Wiped Out! | Reviews | DIY

The word play throughout the song is simple, but I find it just cute enough to mention. Not necessarily a good change either. I added all of their songs on Spotify and sang along in the shower for months, eagerly awaiting the band’s sophomore effort after they dropped their mixtape. It’s one of the more upbeat tracks, and I find myself replaying it more often than some of the other tracks. The titular track “Wiped Out!

Cocoon Crush – Objekt. It’s the one song I want to skip every time I play the album. The beat is smooth and the lyrics are catchy by the time the chorus hits. It’s an emotional, if not slightly puzzling track. The second full-length release for the Los Angeles rock quintet led by Jesse Rutherford was produced by Justyn Pilbrow.


There’s more of an unfamiliar wipd vibe in the track, though the vocals are sung in the same, sad tune as always. By ‘Ferrari’ you feel exhausted. The moodiness is definitely abundant, but sort of fatiguing the nbhd wiped out now. Once the literal noise ends, a regular beat and vocals return.

Wiped Out!

It portrays a mood I can only describe as relatable, the volume of the vocals rising and falling like waves on a beach throughout the track.

Like it’s predecessor, the nbhd wiped out belongs on an EP — not on the album. The Beach is my infinite obsession. It is perfect with a harmony of fast and slow. Upon first listening to the lead single from Wiped Out! The lyrics take a while to fade out near the track’s end. The ambient sounds at the end of the track are nearly exhausting to listen to, and though they do serve to add to the beach vibe, that’s not something The Neighbourhood needs at this point.


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Mixed or average reviews – based on 7 Critics What’s this? We get it, you’re from California. Not a very good album.

It’s a charming little track that turns into another filter-heavy mess, only to slow down again into something more recognizable. The Neighbourhood tries to take a confusing route in a new style that I don’t understand too well.

Wiped Out! – Wikipedia

Jesse Rutherford, Not a very good album. Chris – Christine and the Queens. It’s not a track I avoid like the sixth, but it’s surely not my favorite.

It’s sounds like another album, with a drastic rhythm change. This is bnhd music for street goths and beach bums with bad attitudes. The warmth of “Sweater Weather” and the rest of the Neighbourhood’s debut album is gone on Wiped Out!