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You can read our online store guide. Having 1 of 2 features, having a combination of 2 features, or having 1 of 3 features. I know this was just put up, so it could be that it just needs an update. Most of the puzzles involve the physical features of the Zoombinis as part of the solution. I gave up on VirtualBox, but I can confirm that running Win 3.

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From here, put the Zoombini you set aside for having a feature that would lead it onto a field onto the other route. There are two paths to choose from. When a Zoombini goes over it, it stays there. The Zoombinis need your help to escape of course! Aldina69 0 point Windows version. I’m desperate for my students to play this wonderful game, but all we zoombini logical journey at school are Chromebooks.

I wanted to screw around and have a nostalgia trip with my friends at ungodly hours of the night but I guess I’ll journney to nab a copy on amazon or something instead Try to make one Troll’s Pizza and Ice Cream first before moving on to the next. You want to get them to the top-right. Me and my sister use to play this when we were little we loved it but when we got older we could never remember the name.


Although he says, “I don’t really care”, he is very picky about where his riders sit. The US division of the game v1. I have made the easy level but then it never seems to change dificaty level please help. Therefore, zoombini logical journey Zoombinis with different feet would attract two Fleens zoombini logical journey different feet.

If not, Captain Cajun kicks the Zoombini off the boat to try again. I didn’t like that Pizza the last time! One of the snall rocks will not accept Zoombinis with a particular feature. On the second level, the Zoombinis are placed on a 2 by 8 grid.

Logical Journey Title Screen.jpg

This is the last obstacle in every Zoombini’s journey, and not to sound cliched, but this is where it all comes down. I then remounted the Zoombinis iso image to the D directory, then Zoombini logical journey started up Windows3. It was successfully funded. In the HD Version, 1 Zoombini with the same Features can be created throughout a single journey and 2 Zoombinis with the same Features can be created thoughout the entire game.

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As the difficulty increases, more rooms are added, or made inaccessible by Fleens, and the clock disappears. After running the shortcut created within windows, another error, this time about a lack of sound drivers, after fixing that it will complain about SVGA drivers.


A 4×4 square of seats. Individual Zoombinis can only cross one of the bridges, and the bridge that any Zoombini is allowed to cross is zoombini logical journey by one or more of its characteristics. When all the pegs are gone, the portcullis falls and the Zoombinis behind it cannot continue. Game Extras Some of these file may not be included in the game stores.

This item has been added to your Favorites. There are two buttons to continue from here. Windows 10 wants it so you do online gaming only where you can’t do anything offline in your zoombini logical journey private sphere. James 0 point Windows version.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

There are now strange filters changing what your Zoombini looks like, as well as the crystal on the other end. The Washington Post ‘s Rob Pegoraro wrote that the game’s pattern and deductive logic puzzles teach “how to think” rather than a specific skill. Badger 1 point Windows version. Journeg Willomaen the troll. I’m SO close to playing it.