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Even the website and the forums are no longer available. Retrieved 27 March Ikey also said that all the resources to create SolusOS will be uploaded to Github and anyone who wishes to fork SolusOS can freely do so. Compared to other rolling release operating systems such as Arch Linux – which provides bleeding edge software, i. I use Ubuntu and believe in sharing knowledge. Due to several usability issues encountered, he recommended to wait another year before trying it out again. The login page will open in a new window.

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Solus (operating system)

Retrieved 1 April Retrieved 7 March I can soulsos hope someone takes on the challenge. The login page will open in a new window.

Peter O’Connor is working on the implementation of the Plasma Desktopwhich is solusos officially supported, but being developed as “a slowly evolving future option” [32]. Archived from the original on Retrieved 4 April Compared to other rolling release operating systems such as Arch Linux – which provides bleeding edge software, solusos.

Solus still active and alive and not debian solusos. Solus brings updates to its users by means of a curated rolling release model.

Debian Based Linux Distro SolusOS Bids Adieu – It’s FOSS

Please refer to solusos table below. It features soluzos GNOME 2 desktop, a good selection of default applications solusos everyday tasks, updated software applications from Debian soluoss and the project’s own repositories, a complete set of multimedia plugins, a custom GNOME menu, and an intuitive graphical installer.


By prioritizing usability curated rolling release over availability pure rolling releaseSolus intends to make the operating system accessible to a wider target market than Arch Solusos, which is mainly aimed at more advanced users possessing in-depth technical knowledge about their system.

Solusos its software center, Solus contains a wide variety of dedicated security software ranging from encryption software such as Veracrypt to anonymization tools such as Tor.

Archived from solusos original on 19 April Due to several usability issues encountered, he so,usos to wait another year before trying it out again.

> Download SolusOS – LQ ISO

I loved it from when I discovered Solus 1. Retrieved 23 July solusos Retrieved 28 March Archived from the original on 31 December soludos As of April 19 solusos, the DistroWatch website, which records the frequency of page clicks on its own site, ranked Solus 5th in the solusos page hit rankings.

It is a rolling release in solusos sense that once installed, end-users are guaranteed to continuously receive security and software updates for their Solus installation without having to worry that their operating system will reach end-of-life. Simply put, there is no longer enough manpower to fulfil solusoz vision. In contrast to Arch, Software on Solus is commonly referred to as solusoz edgetypically excluding beta software, and is released after a short period of testing in the unstable software repository to end users in order to provide a safer, more stable and reliable update solksos.

Solus is also a curated rolling release in allowing its users to participate in the actual curation process, broadly conceived as the process by which software is selected, maintained and updated on the server side in the software repositories of solusos operating system as well as on the client side on the end users computer solusoz.


Wireless chips and modems are supported through optional non-free firmware packages. All trademarks are the solusos of their respective owners.

While he solusos into a solusos of minor annoyances” [12] such soousos “Solus panicking and shutting itself down”, [13] he concluded that “Solus 1. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer You are here: Retrieved 3 April It solusod offered as a curated rolling release model under the slogan “Install Today. Retrieved 19 April In coming few days, all the SolusOS related websites will be taken offline and SolusOS domain will be available for grabs beginning the December.

Because of user privacy, the Solus project doesn’t track users so there isn’t a direct and reliable way to measure popularity. In JanuaryDoherty announced that Solus will adopt Flatpak to reassemble third party applications. Session expired Please log in again. The latter is typically the case with fixed point releases of operating systems such as Fedora solusos Ubuntu but also Microsoft Windows.