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Cutie Chinese comments, they were removed in commit https: Game is still broken but a bit better now. Adjust Yakuza games crc hacks and do some reformatting. Add info for Alessio when he last commited. But it is a much bigger work. Fixes Dropship – United Peace Force. Shadows will be glitchy if crc hack level is below partial level.

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Fixes the destructors not being called.

Update ignored files Ignore all. Q 2N values could be random. Otherwise, it is time to save money for a future upgrade: It would reduce the burden to port Cmake to windows. Removed crc id 7ACF7E03 and mentions of that id and it’s duplicates. Add JaX and Jak 3 gsdx 2111 automatic mipmapping. Change bit clang dependency to gccmultilib no real reason, I just feel like doing so. Fixes texture flickering in Oni on d3d They share the same code so it’s better to have one to avoid duplicate code.

It would be based on SDL2 only Distribution information. Improve robustness of ComboBoxInit Previously, the combobox will reach an indeterminate state whenever it’s passed with a value out of range via ComboBoxInit.


Testing was also done by ivan89el. Port from commit b0af54d3 Fixes shadows in Star Ocean 3. Also added an extra parameter for considering the horizontal scissor, I’m not sure where this might be useful so this is gsdx 2111 in code for now till I discover a testcase where this helps or run it gsfx random data ensuring it’s working properly.

Patches provided by Kozarovv. Fixes an issue when the plugin detects an opencl ini value for the render. Side effect is they also remove the channel effect on OpenGL which is emulated correctly so let’s put them on Aggressive. Regression introduced in fc2a4d9a0abcbce2e6ac6. Also hsdx processing the gsdx 2111 event after it has been handled, which allows the event to propagate to the parent window.

Fixes game hang after opening intro. Disable large framebuffer for custom res No longer needed after I gsdx 2111 the aligorithm in my previous commit. Close Close If file gsdx 2111 want to download is multipart you can use our to check whether multiple download links are still active before you start download. Remove some extra newlines in Sio’s console output. It updates when the crc changes. Linux on game db entries that miss it SDL doc: It actively prevents file fragmentation and can defragment your drives.


Texture shuffle is not supported on D3D9, however we can do a partial port where instead of vertical lines with the effect we get the effect on the entire screen.

Crystal_reports_11rar, ‘pcsx2 memcards 4shared’. pcsx2 dx11 plugin download

Change log speed from 6 to 4 default. Reduce height of window to make it more appealing for laptop users. When you save gsdx 2111 saveslot, the menu item also changes to show the time you told it to save until the file is actually done saving.

It was a bit too much before, Bsdx spacing to be equal between options, some had incorrect spacing.

Automated Pcsx2 builds

Thes hack was used to avoid a VRAM spike, but isn’t needed anymore. Also fixes a regression in GT4 when depth gscx enabled because the skip function was misplaced. MGS3 sees an improvement, and possibly other games as well.