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Sync your Apple iTunes music library with your Android devices. Practice with a realisticsounding piano or guitar ,bass and drum accompaniments for anydownloaded oruser-createdchord chart. Unlocks unlimited wireless synchronization. The vibration withevery beat addsan added layer of sense while singing. The choice is yours! This app will notsync copy protected music or videos but will alert you to whichsongs will not play be synced to your device.

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Connect your devices via WiFi andlisten to music together with your friends. AirPlayand iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Evenif you’re not already a Player or Alarm Clock user, you’ll airsync apk thenew live wallpaper included in doubleTwist Widgets.

Air Sync Remote-Z Beta 9 Apk (Android – – Gingerbread) | APK Tools

Its a beatbox drummachine app, music production, ahiphop drum pads sampler, housemusic beat maker, a drum padmachineapp aimed to make music forany genre with a groove. For example, playlist changes you make on your airsync apk willbe automatically reflected on your phone and vice versa.

If you have previously purchased doubleTwist Pro youdo not need to buy AirSync again as it is automatically unlockedfor doubleTwist Xpk users.


New Leaf Apps 21 Jan, Instagram 24 Feb, This is a native android player which works great to show yoursynced music from itunes to android app. Connect your computer or Raspberry Pi as wireless speaker toyour phone.

Wi-Fi sync is a airsync apk trial.

AirSync 1.8.0 APK

The choice is yours! Urbandroid Airsycn 21 Jan, Usetogether with the free doubleTwist Sync desktop app toautomatically import iTunes and sync music, playlists, ratings orplaycounts from your iTunes library.

Sleep Airsync apk helps pick optimal wake-up times tocorrespond with sleep cycles. The beats have the flavour of realtabla andtanpura, giving an Indian classical feeling. AirPlay on Aigsync and MagicPlay for wireless speakers: Sync DRM-free video files: Sync your Apple iTunes music library with your Android devices.

Airsync apk flip-clock airsunc be positioned airsync apk prior tosetting the live wallpaper. AutoRap by Smule Developer: December 5, 18 May, Additionally, when alarm is set indoubleTwist Alarm Clock app, a bell icon will be visible.

Itsimulatesareal-sounding band that can accompany you as youpractice. Thanks to you, we manage music for more than 10 million loyallisteners. A freely availablewindows or mac app is also required to transfer iTunes to android.


Tabla bols are highlighted in a karaoke like style thathelps newlearners and tabla enthusiasts.

Air Sync Remote

Oh, and did we mention all thewidgets and wallpapers in doubleTwist Widgets are free? Just select the taalandsing along with the rhythm. Download Clash of Clans for Android. Practice with a realisticsounding piano or guitar ,bass airsync apk drum accompaniments for anydownloaded oruser-createdchord chart.

Free Download AirSync: iTunes Sync & AirPlay Android and IOS Apk |

Available in the App Store. It will NOT work without the free doubleTwistPlayer so please download it after you install this app. Free speaker app for Windows andLinux! We airsync apk money from an optional in-app upgrade todoubleTwist Pro unlocking the following premium music playerfeatures: My Cloud Player for SoundCloud