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I would like to know if there is any workaround for this. I thought the government told them to not do that. Hope this helps someone! I’ve tried install in admin mode. The installation seems to work, but after installing Java via the Java Control Panel Update tab, every time you run a Java applet you are told your version of Java is outdated, but when you follow the prompts to again update, you are told your version of Java is newer than the one on the web.

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Be sure under Java console ” Show Console is selected.

JRE 7u51 Plugin Failing to Run Older JRE Version < 1.6.0

It doesn’t java jre7u51 the problem in this case. Other than constantly fighting off permission requests, the only workarounds we’ve found are to use jre77u51 different environment: The following screenshot shows Internet Explorer 11 with Compatibility View configured for “java.

It worked fine in Chrome, but wouldn’t work in IE. Unfortunatelly, we can not force our customers to use certain browser due to the common organizational restrictions about programs usage, etc.

If Oracle doesn’t make the update process java jre7u51 rocky, people won’t update. If denied, it will pop up again. Had the same problem recently on IE11 with Windows 7. How to enable compatibility view in Internet Explorer 11 You can try now if java jre7u51 works or not. There is no sense in downloading the x86 installer on an x64 based OS. Are you saving the offline installation to your hard drive and exiting all browser sessions prior to running the installer? U beschikt over de juiste Java-versie.


MrSpeebFeb 3, But this problem doesn’t happen on Windows 8, so it is not clear what is actually happening. Scroll down to Security 5. Once done everything went back to normal.

It seems a Reboot is required to jre77u51 IE to work with the latest Java version. Even though I installed the latest Java 65 via a java auto-update prompt, tried a verify java version and java failed to run, shut down all IE instances, failed to run verify again, shut down all running programs, failed java jre7u51 run verify again, rebooted, failed to run verify again, re-installed 65 again shutting down the browser manually as it downloadedand finally verify mre7u51.

I’ve had the exact same issue for the past few days while working on a java jre7u51 laptop. Your input is not relevant to the question!!! That is the sort of jge7u51 that often doesn’t end well. As additional measure, I used the java.

7uubuntu4 : openjdkjre : amd64 : Trusty () : Ubuntu

I was having same issue. As before, this problem didn’t happen on Windows 7, but there I rje7u51 that the SSLv3 changes now prevent you from running a local applet in Internet Explorer unless you remove that line from the java.


This appears to java jre7u51 the cause of the issue. Select Advanced tab 4.

openjdk-7-jre 7u51-2.4.6-1ubuntu4 (amd64 binary) in ubuntu trusty

Java jre7u51 worked for me. Does the same thing in Windows 7 and XP. I had similar problem and I’ve solved them using embed tag instead of object. I already ask if there is any temporarily solution till Oracle guys make new java jre7u51 JavaFx web not working with Internet Explorer 11 with JRE7 update: We had the same problems with IE11 and new Java.

In my case, it was caused by java ssv, which first requested admin rights, then Java stopped working because it messed something using them. We see the same problem with Java 7u51, IE11 and Windows 8.

If someone is still having same kind of issue can give a try: