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Burner size, number, type, or location change? Instrument Calibration also see Table 3 …………………………………… Instrumentation Records………………………………………………………. This survey shall be conducted initially and after any damage or repair that could affect the radiation characteristics of the side wall panels. The system must create write-once, read only electronic records that cannot be altered without detection. Documentation of furnace survey sensor catastrophic failures see 3. Data from furnace sensors required by the applicable instrumentation type see 3.

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The temperature indicated by the control sensor in each control zone shall be recorded by a recording instrument. Statement of acceptance or rejection? Calibration company if not performed in-house 3.

Working with AMS2750E and AMS2750D

Sensors whose only function is over temperature protection do not need to be recorded. A program for evaluating, taking corrective action as required, and documenting the condition of items that have potential to adversely affect furnace temperature uniformity.

The tip measuring junction of the SAT sensor shall be as close as practical to the tip measuring junction of the controlling, monitoring, or recording sensor, but the tip to tip distance shall not exceed 3 inches 76 mm.

A term used to refer to any vessel such ams 2750d furnace, oven, freezer, etc. When a Load Sensor is used as a Control Sensor: Using the volumetric method, TUS sensors are located in three dimensions to represent a portion e. Base or Temperature Recalibration: For furnace work zone volumes greater than ft3 6. A standard that has been calibrated as required in Table 1 to a relevant National Standard.


Indication of test acceptance or failure? TUS sensor readings and control or monitoring sensor readings did not exceed the applicable positive temperature tolerance at any time. Observed control or recording instrument reading? Examples where an initial TUS shall be ams 2750d include, but are not limited to, the following: Material ams 2750d shall be within the normal process size range.

Either the volumetric or plane methods shall measure the full work zone volume. See Table 3 footnote 4. The requirement for an SAT is waived if all of the following 3.

Using Honeywell X-Series paperless recorders for compliance with AMS D standards

A furnace that contains a retort or muffle which normally contains a protective atmosphere and the product being heat treated. Testing company identification if not performed in-house?

This 250d ams 2750d the next control thermocouple calibration date. Furnaces with separately controlled temperature zones.

AMS2750D Standards Compliance with X-Series Recorders

Product is normally immersed in the molten salt. Heat sink material shall be the material with the highest room temperature thermal conductivity consistent with the predominant material processed in the furnace.

Normally used ams 2750d calibrate test sensors. Instrumentation types are based on the level of instrumentation used to control, record or indicate the desired temperature. When material processing conditions deviate from specification requirement affected purchaser s shall be notified. Process mode can be used to track calibration due dates and thermocouple usage conditions for the process equipment and alert the data.


Diagrams of control and recording sensors, load and TUS sensor locations in three dimensional space.

Working with AMSE and AMSD

Plus, it monitors thermocouple usage and reports their status. Certain correction factors may be algebraically applied to the sensor system being tested when calculating the system accuracy difference, provided ams 2750d these correction factors are consistently applied during production heat treatment in accordance with documented procedures.

Compensation for known deviations in the test instrumentation shall be made by electronic methods or mathematical correction.

All refrigeration equipment shall be equipped with a temperature recorder if it is used for a ams 2750d where time-at-temperature is required.

All furnace modifications shall be documented and the responsible Quality Assurance organization shall make the determination whether an initial TUS is required based on the modifications made and the particular furnace configuration. Installation of controlling, monitoring or recording instruments shall conform to the manufacturer’s recommendations.