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Orchestral performance with online score. Farid ElAtrache rendition on Youtube. Kef Time band rendition on YouTube. Ezgileri Yurdumun and orchestra rendition on YouTube. Enthusiastic but amateur dancer. Amazing 2-minute flute improvised opening. Baildsa rendition on YouTube:

shira shik shak shok

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Version from Oriental Fantasy Vol 6 seems to be a favorite.

Maria Shashkova ,,, Shik Shak Shok Belly Dance

Ana Fi Intizarak is wonderful and easy to hook into emotionally; Alf Shlk Wi Leyla is classic and well known but still interesting; Leylat Hob and Daret Al Ayam are beautiful and appropriate for most occasions. Leilet Hob music performance with sheet music: Mid-Eastern and Mediterranean Dance Music: Fok El Nakhelenthusiastic ensemble with singer.

Shimmytown Social sheet music. Good cane dance music. Hijaz Rast and Hijaz Nahawand. Ezgileri Yurdumun and orchestra rendition on YouTube. Samir Sshok rendition on Youtube. Transliteration and translation on OrientalDancer. More traditional orchestral version with singer Mairyam. Good saidi cane song.


Shik shak shok – Dailymotion Video

Mohammed Raouf does a violin version solo. Beginner Playlist for Western Musicians, with Performance Aids There are a lot of links on this page because videos are constantly being sbira down for one reason or another Bent el Sultan with a singer and a dancer. Nice long vocal intro and real flutes in this video.

Uskup band rendition on YouTube. Adiss Harmandianbrisk and jazzy and Greek-ish. Sheet Music by Shimmydown Social. Nourhanne Music video on YouTube.

Samir Tahar performance of Lama Bada Yatathana with display of music score. Medzeke rendition on YouTube; recorded music. Folktune Finder sheet Music.

shira shik shak shok

Translation and transliteration on ArabicLyrics. Amr Diab rendition on You Tube. Korla Pandit on Youtube.

Mid-Eastern and Mediterranean Dance Music: the Cliff Notes

Video remixed by Hossam Ramzy. Orchestral version of Azizaheavy on accordian. Lots of slides and quavers, clear half-sharp, but does not include all seven sections. Performance videos and musical scores: Turku Music mp3 file.


Shorter version of Tekbileks videoabove.

Belly Shik Shak Shok Music Nancy Ajram Download MP3 ( MB) – Download MP3 Popular Songs

Rachid Alexander, a male dancer. If one does not work, try another.

shira shik shak shok

Lama Bada Yatathana sung by Savina Yannatou. Sad Iranian love song that seems to make people happy.