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Just like the media wiki table syntax is much easier than HTML tables, the graph text descriptions should be human readable and human maintainable , while still easily machine parsable. If the automatic install fails, for most Perl modules out there you can use the following sequence: Easy an universal format supporting as much as possible is still in progress. Then unpack the mediawiki-graph Do away with grafics and dependecies on external software. Mediawiki is the software used by the popular Wikipedia. S23 [] Bloodgate [] BOWiki [], updated link [] Cosmogol a state-machine language and parser [] Siafoo [] Zoekboom [].


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The last point is quite difficult to define, and without definition of what looks good we cannot achive that goal. Currently the development goes in the following directions: This would allow for specific designs, were not only the graph contents, but the graph layout itself is part of the artwork.


This extension is quite stable and works good – have a look at the “graphic” at the top of this page: Easy has no dependencies itself except Perl v5. Mediawiki is the software used by the popular Wikipedia.

You can see the Mediawiki integration at work at this Mediawiki graph test page. S23 [] Bloodgate [] BOWiki [], updated link [] Cosmogol a state-machine language and parser [] Grapgeasy [] Zoekboom []. The default is seconds 4 minutes. Thing for instance graphs laid out like a big star, fish, box, spiral etc.


Graph::Easy – Manual – Introduction

It allows humans very easily to create, maintain and improve documents in shared environments. Here is the problem: There should always be space between text and borders, as well as lines and text, even if it are only 2 pixels.

Circles without antialiasing do not. Seperate content from style – changing the overall style colors, borders etc will be easier think: One of the strengths of the software is that the content is seperated from the layout. The following sites list is not complete already use this extension or Graph:: Here is a short list of things to do regarding the Wikimedia integration: Easy” distribution on CPAN: A way to insert graphheasy page with options into the user preferences must be found.


What is missing, however, is an easy way to describe flow graphs like network plansflow chartsorganizational diagrams and similiar things. Easy for a copy of the GPL. I want to generate grapheasu ascii flowchart. Improve the underlying graph package to deal with: Sign up using Facebook.

Graph-Easy | Perl Package Manager Index (PPM) | ActiveState Code

Contact and Bugreports If you have questions, feel free to send me an email Gnupg key. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


The output can be a dump of the graph in one of the following formats: Edges that are not straight are not good, either. Easy” can also create layouts of graphs in one of the following output formats: This script parses and outputs the various graph formats and thus allows conversion between the formats as well as rendering either via Graph:: Sign up using Email and Password.

-Plugin for Mediawiki

This means especially labels, which should never be inside a line, border or other text. In addition, the conversion process always converts the input gdapheasy into an Graph:: So the latex is not my case.


Easy or dot et al. The language also separates style from content by allowing all objects to have a class and attributes to be set class-wide, thus enabling quick style changes of everything with little edit effort.