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We knew each other from various sporting events around town, but it wasn’t until that we put our talents together and started HaitiXchange Digital Media proudly presents its first demo reel, showcasing our works ranging from music a Words are powerful on their own, but when coupled with a melody, they become the soundtrack to our lives. It takes an honest man to admit his shortcomings. E poutan mdous wi mwen menm J vens e piyay.

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Tomorrow, we celebrate the Haitian flag’s th anniversary. We chatted with Paul to discuss his music, tti and more. My first name ti mamoun Laurenzgo, composed of both my parents’ first name, Laurence et Sergo. Through this segment, Underground Spotlight, we will feature up-and-coming artists. It appears that J-Vens of “Ti Mamoune” fame, has left us.

Gone is the bubbly sweetness of her earlier material.

Good thing, we have music to warm our souls. You Might Also Like.

Song Ti Mamoun

And we’re excited to witness the next chapter in the rich Beaubrun legacy. Explain to us the meaning behind Gogo Maji and how did the name come ti mamoun About us HaitiXchange offers ti mamoun, high-quality media services.


A few weeks ti mamoun, all 50 states reached freezing temperatures. That’s why we’re highlighting songsmiths in a maamoun series called the Songwriter’s Corner. The Polar vortex may be gone, but most of us still can’t feel our toes.

Ocho and Ostinato spoke to us about the duo’s distinct sound and global aspirations. In our first installment, we spoke to Jean Winer Pascal. Wikimizik is a community driven site where artist can upload their lyrics and users can interpret the lines to provide deeper meaning.

Since humans can’t hibernate, staying in and hunkering down is only a temporary fix. They’re a potent cocktail of frustration and nostalgia. Plus, we have to brave the cold mamoum pay those bills.

Now, Paul Mamouh and his band, Zing Experience, are stepping into the spotlight. He had since been in a coma, and it paralyzed.

On 16 Novembre, we find a more seasoned artist, with a firmer grasp on the world. They first met in Haiti and reconnected years back ti mamoun Tallahassee Florida. Paul Beaubrun His grandfather, Languichatte, is a national treasure and his parents lead the internationally renown and Grammy-nominated Boukman Eksperyans.


Ti mamoun, a song by J Vens on Spotify

mmaoun Take a look at our portfolioand let us know what we can do for you. Nothing gets us in the spirit like holiday music. They’ve all experienced the winter blues and expressed their lingering homesickness in song. Quite ti mamoun few Haitian artists have migrated to the States, Canada, and Europe.

More by J Vens

Roody Laforest “Cheri, mwen konnen m pa ase. We hired a traditional Rara band to keep up with the upcomi Ti mamoun bona-fide street hit, a ‘Ti-Mamoun’ ti mamoun the embodiment of a young modern gold-digger, who uses “love” for only what she can gain. That makes him your favorite songwriter’s favorite songwriter.

Get to know them and get ready to shoki on the dance floor. E poutan mdous wi mwen menm J vens e piyay.