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Her childhood was an unhappy one as she lost her father also very soon. She had a child-like thirst for knowledge and she was ever so generous as she could not bear to see anybody in want Her khayals in Malhar and Suha-Sughrai, and her thumris, elicited high praise and medals galore from Pt. As Siddheswari lost her mother when she was barely 18 months old, she was brought up by her maternal aunt, Rajeswari, who was a famed disciple of Maina Devi, Mithailal, and of the great Moizuddin himself. After her first concert appearance at the age of 18, she began to receive invitations for performances in Rampur, Jodhpur, Lahore, Mysore and various other states which used to patronise classical music during that time.

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Listen: Thumri recitals by Siddheshwari Devi and Barkat Ali Khan in Deepchandi taal

In the last years of her life, the Pukaars in her Thumris and Bhajans were like cries from an anguished devotee’s heart. Siddheswari cherished not only siddheshwxri songs galore that she had learnt from her revered guru Bade Ramdasji, but also the lofty principles that he impressed on his siddheshwari devi.

You may say that my thumri- singing is Khayal angapradhan”. Today, we listen to deepchandi in the context of thumri recitals.

Few musicians in recent times had such a vast repertoire as Siddheswari had. Views Read Edit View history. The tabla player changes from the Deepchandi theka to a structure that accommodates varieties of the eight-matra Kaherva. You should never feel proud of any success. But as soon as she sat on the stage for a recital, one realised that she belonged to an entirely different world, and that her life had known “no siddheshwari devi other than music”.


Such was the siddheshwari devi magnanimity of the musical giants of the past! Once, while the noted sarangi player Siyaji Mishra was teaching Kamleshwari, she was unable to repeat the tappa that she was being taught.

Smt. Siddheswari Devi

But Siddheswari who lived till her seventies, had no such luck. She died on 18 March in New Delhi. She said to me once: Let something of my siddheshwari devi remain with others after l am gone”. This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat Her deeply religious temperament had a great impact on her singing. Gifted with an appealing, melodious voice covering 3 siddheshwari devi or more, she has undergone years of training in khayals under Pt. On several occasions she would sing perform through the night, for example on the overnight boating expeditions of Maharaja of Darbhanga.

Rajeshwari had arranged musical training for her own daughter, Kamleshwari, while Siddheswari would do small chores around the house.

Siddheshwari Devi – Wikipedia

Shanta Devi, her elder daughter whom she had trained up to follow her footsteps degi remained in obscurity owing to poor health. Bhaiya Ganpatrao, Moizuddin, and Shyamlal Khatri were siddheshwari devi of the trail-blazers who gave this modern orientation to Thumri.


My soul craves to go back to its original abode”. After her first concert appearance at the age of 18, she began to receive invitations for performances in Rampur, Siddheahwari, Lahore, Mysore and various other states which used to patronise siddheshwari devi music during that time. Maa was turbulent as the waves, and yet calm like the distant sea.

Tappas from the Banaras gharana by maestros Siddheshwari Devi, Rasoolan Bai and Girija Devi

After Gauhar Malika, the crown of the Thumri rests siddheshwari devi your head”. About her guru, Siddheswari used to say: Now I sing to please my God. In siddheshwari devi, noted director Mani Kaul has made an award winning documentary, Siddheshwarion her life [3].

Retrieved from ” https: No wonder she always believed that both “Siddhi” and “Ishwar” can be attained through devoted sangeet-sadhana. I feel closest to God when I am lost in my music. I used to go to them to listen to the records of popular singers like Janaki Bai, Gauharbai and several others. She did not have the facilities to devote herself to sadhana; living like a recluse.

Constantly uttering the name of Rama, you have become one with Him, leaving your little hut so empty”.