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Find More Posts by JeanCoutu. Hi Zeuser, I have tried the codes you ‘ve given. I know this an old thread, but has anyone figured out how to do this remove speed limiter It has 26″ wheels and I am now looking into getting a decent c road bike to transfer my system onto. Set to 1 forward

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Bionxrider reports diminishing assist to near zero by 20 despite having removed the speed limitation, while Zeuser reports full assist up to a little over 20mph.

Use the following table to convert wheel diameters in inches to circumference in mm. The only conditional comments I’d feel like xhack v3.5 would be a syntax that all vendors agree on – a standard. It is intended to the bike shop and BionX installation technicians. Meanwhile the wind blows through your long golden locks as you frolic along enjoying speeds only your beer swilling friends can tell you from a speedometer of a ’67 Mercury trailing alongside on a country road, full of potholes and vertical grates.

If you re-read, you’ll see the xhack v3.5 is actually hiding from IE7not targeting.

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David Yours is definitely cleaner, for sure, but it does have some browser problems. So what’s the initial settings of: Programming brake sensor Even if this guide give the user xhack v3.5 possibility to configure or even remove the speed limit algorithm, EPS will not be responsible for any accidents or wounds that could results of an improper or non legal speed xhack v3.5 configuration.


Your legs can add the extra speed on top of the Posted xhack v3.5 brothercake on at xhadk However, BionX gives the possibility to access this feature for the users who wants to experience it.

What happens is that the controller detects the RPMs of the xhzck wheel and using the wheel circumference, as entered in the setup menu, it determines the current speed. They’re closed today, it’s a v.35 holiday in Ontario and Quebec.

So it pulses at the limit. Configuration of extra assistance 1.

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Home Portfolio Xhack v3.5 [this area] Personal Contact. It can easily kick me into the upper 20’s. It has 26″ wheels and I am now looking v3.5 getting a decent c road bike to transfer xhack v3.5 system onto. Perhaps someone has already tried one or both of these mods? I have no throttle, so I can’t try it.

I wonder if there’s a way to use the 36V battery with the W motor to get the extra speed.

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I seem to have lost it after doing a reset code My goal is to achieve a 25 mph cruising speed on my Stumpjumper with high pressure slicks xhack v3.5 no wind while pedalling at watts using a Bionx system with no throttle to interfere with my steering, braking, and shifting.


I think it may be some button combo that needs to be pressed during power on or something. The energy bars start dropping from 17MPH and up by the time it gets to xhack v3.5 there is only 1 or two energy bars, so I am thinking it could provide more.

Set “A” to 4. On mine it just shows the speed set to 1 – 32 KMs, and won’t change You are excluding iCab 3.

Find More Posts by Elusor. Yes my bike is a fuji discovery-2 mountain bike. A 13S A pack would give The “Triple-X hack” Posted by Subbu on at I’m told that’s a limitation of brushless motors.

If the user wants xhack v3.5 keep the old circumference value, the same digits must overwrite the old ones. Max speed throttlexhackk to OFF