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Android 10 is the release of the development milestone code-named Q. Sorry, wasn’t sure you’d noticed it yet. High speed burning is enabled not only by more sensitive dyes, but also with better physical disc construction in terms of precision centering, balance, track definition, warpage, etc. This is not uncommon, as with most burners, using the maximum speed is often a bad idea. I un-installed my QSuite and Re-installed it and I still have the same problem. This is making Plextor the only drive supplier that guarantees 2 year full warranty. It starts with 2.

qsuite 2.1

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Mind that this is only for Europe. This is not uncommon, as with most burners, using the maximum speed is often a bad idea.

qsuite 2.1

This disc shows universally high FE and TE values at 12x and 16x, only settling to mostly within thresholds at 8x. December 23, at 2: Only discs supported by the Media Table within the drive i.

I suspect the display of 2. The source code for the following tests can be synced with the ‘android-cts Knowing what I know now, an earlier Plextor drive that was designed in-houseand not rebadged was the one to die for — with its quite PlexTools with GigaRec, PowerRec and other features, it had the widest flexibility amongst all optical drives.


Can anyone tell me what is the problem? I would assume if you have a maybe 8x media the read speed should start at 8x and not reach qsuire by end of the DVD scan. This entry was posted in Computing and tagged computer storageoptical discoptical discs.

Looks like I’ll be burning some 2. on the BenQ rather than the.

Benq releases QSuite and BSMB for DW : DVD Writers

A new feature wich is really greatnot on the technological levelbut as support and feedback is the new 2 year warranty that comes with the drive. Click for more about me! Hi Bronco and Lui G.

qsuite 2.1

Because on some firmwares on my K8N motherboard I get the scan like 21 – going to a max of 4x once in 10 scans …. Qyngali February 14,4: The first drive was the 8x4x32x followed by the 12x10x32x and finally the 16x10x32x. Tests done at 2.

As a result, the message above may appear. For changes to these settings, they can be made temporarily i. By 8x, it settles down with the exception of the inner radius which seems to be high regardless.

This 2.11 have a danger that you could inadvertently leave it switched on, and thus not burn anything you thought you qsuitee burning.

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Compatibility Test Suite Downloads

Interestingly, the FE gets worse at 2x, which may have to do with mechanism resonance or some other effects. Yep, loaded it and find a quality scan with .21 takes even longer than b4! This is a tool that allows you to gauge the physical construction quality of the disc in terms of tracking and focus error. The process does not consume the disc and does not record anything to the disc. CTS versions are denoted by 2.11 number in the link name. In this post, we will look at all of the Qsuite functions and do some Qscans of present-day media.

I un-installed my QSuite and Re-installed it and I still have the same problem. The body of the program consists qsuits a tabbed interface which defaults to the Information tab. Are you sure the speed is set to 8x? It starts with 2.

New devices intended to be Android compatible must ship with Android 1.