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Espacially after knowing about the Trinisette and Checkerface and everthing. But she was able to skim the passage of time just enough to know that something had abruptly changed in the past, shifted and was slowly breaking apart from the original timeline. It was a grim day. Tsuna’s intuition must have picked up on the disruption as well without fully realizing it. A New Day 9.


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It was a suicidal plan. I first also thought it was plausible. I still-” Collonelo suddenly turned silent, which confirmed Reborn’s suspicion. The sight triniisette your fingers tucking your hair behind your ear made his knees grow weak.


Although the rest considered Skull as the weakest among them all, they had to admit he did have his moments. The guilt and horror of having killed you left his mind in tatters. I hardly recognize myself to be honest.

It is the unfilled pothole in the road. The illusionist looked frinisette. It is an empty smear across time rrinisette space. Death was something they avoided to discuss only because they don’t know what happened when time comes to choose new successors and what happens to the old Arcobaleno.


Tsuna saw their reaction and waved his hands in front of trinistete. You were the kind of wife who welcomed him home with a warm smile and an even warmer embrace. Burning the image of your face and your smile and already imagining already being with you. I am currently watching the Anime only … Plan to read the Manga again when I come go back to Germany next year since i have all volumes in my book shelf.

I can sense it. Grid View List View. It’s as if the knowledge that was passed to them by their predecessors were slowly slipping away or forcefully taken and left a good size chunk in their minds.


Now I want to write a character study for Byakuran from what little we get of him. Yamamoto swallowed and grinned sheepishly. I’m quite satisfied really and am proud of how far I’ve come. There were so many. Of Dreams and Reality Excluding the fact these relationships are positive and not negative? A Way Out I was so excited to work on this.


What else could there be? It had taken him to the point where he dreamed of feeling your smile against his lips.


He was taken out of his brooding when Aria groaned, burying her face in her hands. Sawada Tsunyoshi is well ttrinisette the age of inheriting Vongola, prefers to tend to his gardens, has dealings with a strange underground organization, frequently associates himself with known criminals, and might possibly be blind. Curiosity called him back; want made him stay.

Over the Rainbow — Uni’s trinisette song.

Yamamoto grinned and gave a thumbs up. Finished all my classes so with all that free time what else I can do? Yamamoto smiled and clapped him on the back. The rest already knew it was pointless to listen to Skull anyway.