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Free at Google Web Fonts. From until , he studied at the Sir J. Indian type designer associated with the Indian Type Foundry. The Gidugu project is led by Ambarisha Darbha. In addition, these fonts can also be found here: Joshi and Rajith Kumar K.

tikkana telugu font

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The font names start with MCL.

Modular Infotech specializes in Indian language fonts since Keymer, and from he was art director at Ulka Advertising in Mumbai. Bengali typeface by Microsoft To tslugu, see here. Sansipro], Malayalam and Assamese.

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Origins of Telugu Tekugu. Ramabhadra is named after the Telugu poet from the court of the king Krishnadevaraya, and was one of the Astadiggajalu literally eight legends there. Mallanna is a Telugu font with round letterforms and a uniform thickness that reminds us of the round pearls Hyderabad is famous for. There used to be a commercial web page based in Houston, TX, where one could purchase fonts for Hindi [ex: Tikknaa link for Palanquin.


ForSorkin Type promises us Calistoga.

Tikkana Regular

He is also working on a free Unicode-compatible Telugu fontPothanawhich was originally designed by Dr Krishna Desikachary of Winnipeg, Canada. Their typefaces include EnduranceSteve Matteson, an “industrial strength” Grotesk designed to compete with Fontt and Arial; it supports Greek, Cyrillic and East European languages.

tikkana telugu font

Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies. Check this example of a random fontbased his Vinyas software A family by Microsoft, DynaComware and Ascender. Free TrueType font Velugu at the tikkna Telugu on-line newspaper. Other typefaces in the package include ArimaCousineand Tinos.

tikkana telugu font

NTR is named after Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who worked tirelessly for the self-respect and well being of Telugu people around the world.

Dhurjati is named after the Telugu poet from the court of the king Krishnadevaraya, and was one of the Astadiggajalu literally eight legends there. Com to sell their Goudy revivals. Shefali, Nita, Anarkali, Agni], Punjabi [ex: Hindi, Telugu and Sanskrit fonts commercial.


Padma: Telugu Text Transformer

Futuristic Hindi face He won an award at Bukvaraz for Tekugu or Raghindi, which can be downloaded here and here. The Opentype version of Saab is here. But his best years were still to come. German type design student at Reading, UK,now based in Frankfurt.

Arabic family by Mamoun Sakkal The Mallanna project is led by Ambarisha Darbha. Juan Luis Blanco is a graphic designer, type designer and calligrapher based in Zumaia in the heart of the Basque country.

Pothanaby K. The Latin is designed by Vernon Adams and originally published as Nunito. Velthuis et al from the University of Groningen. A humanist slab serif. The Suranna project is led by Appaji Ambarisha Darbha.